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Our web site is intended to provide you with an overview of Pelham Cemetery and the Pelham Cemetery Association, Inc. that oversees and maintains the final resting place of so many City Islanders. If you require assistance, please contact our Superintendent who is ready to provide you with expert guidance.


About Us

Historic Pelham Cemetery on the Eastern shore of City Island is a most desirable site as a final resting place for Island residents.  Gently sloping toward the water, the cemetery creates a sense of serenity to those visiting it.  An occasional boat passing by adds a pleasant nautical atmosphere to the surroundings.  A walk through the cemetery is like a trip back in time to a New England burial ground. Here, on quaintly carved tombstones, are names that are found on the Island's streets, with military titles dating back to all the wars this country has been in, and seafaring ranks that harken long ago voyages.

Where to Find Us:

Pelham Cemetery Association, Inc.
Post Offie Box 76
City Island Station
Bronx, New York 10464

Phone: 718.885.1055

What's New

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See the article in the September 2012 issue of The City Island Current for a brief overview of the Pelham Cemetery.